Concrete reclaimer


1.Sample structure, easy maintenance, and the realization of the products function is in form of coaxial mechanical drive and maintenance is simple. The general products are in two-stage dynamic form, with complex structure.

2. There are taper scales hole on the screen, with the design of high pressure shower pipe, the blocking can be cleaned automatically, so the blocking problem of reclaimer is resolved thoroughly.

3. Low failure rate. The whole power of this equipment is supplied by a set of motor reducer. ( the general products take two sets)

4.High reclaiming ability. The diameter of cylinder is 1.25m, which of the general products is about 0.8m. The predicted reclaiming capacity of this equipment is 40t/h, which of the general products is less than 20t/h. (Reclaiming capacity is mainly depended on the quantity of drier put in by loader in once when cleaning plant)

5.The reclaimed material is in high cleanliness. 1/3 height of the reclaimer bottom is full of water at any time which means that sand and stone are both washed so that they are in high surface clearness. The shakeout mode is stainer dragging, general products use extrusion mode, and caused lots of mortar was left over in sand.

6.Complete machine discharging, without interference with loader’s shoveling. (general products’ shakeout swing arm tend to cause crash accident as the loader shoveling the sand)


jack sun concrete reclaimer


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ESF30 sand and stone separator in Sri Lanka



ZSF30 concrete recliamer


1.Concrete reclaimer on Bauma Shanghai.



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