CONELE Planetary Concrete Mixer

The design of our CMP planetary concrete mixer absorbs the international advanced technology and has the unique performance of European mixer.
The structure of the mixer is designed compactly, steady driving, original mode, excellence performance, and has long operating life. With low investment and operationgal costs. Easy to install and maintain. No leakage problem.

Scal board and paddle are made of manganese steel, which extends the useful life greatly.

CMP series planetary concrete mixer adopted Germany technique and used for mixing concrete. It is not only applies in common concrete, precast concrete but also in high performance concrete.

What’s more, our products have CE and ISO certification.

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 Product Feature

Motion track — Concrete Mixer

The revolution and rotation speed of the blades have been extensively studied and tested to give the mixer a high output without causing the segregation of materials with different grain size and weight. The movement of the material inside the trough is smooth and continuous. As shown in the picture, the blades track covers the whole bottom of the trough after a cycle.

Gearing device — Concrete Mixer

 The power transmission is realized by a hard surface gear which is designed specially by our company. Fluid clutch is installed between the motor and the gearbox. It can keep the mixer start up normally even in the full load condition. The driving force provided by gearbox drives the mixing arms to do not only have a rotation but also has a revolution, the more complex of the motion track, the more turbulent the mixing is, and then the mixer works more effectively, its mixing more homogeneous.

Observe window — Concrete Mixer

There is an observing port on the maintaining door. You can observe the mixing situation without cutting off power.

Discharging device — Concrete Mixer

Discharging device: According to the different demands of customers, the discharging door can be opened by hydraulic, pneumatic or by hands. The number of the discharging door is three at most. And there is special sealing device on the discharging door to ensure the sealing reliable.

Security device of lifting hopper — Concrete Mixer

The security device of skip hopper safeguards against head-clashing when the hopper is climbing up.

Hydraulic pump — Concrete Mixer

Special designed hydraulic power unit is used to provide power for more than one discharging gates. On emergency, these discharging gates can be opened by hand.

Mixing device — Concrete Mixer

Mixing device: Driven by the gearing system, the blades fixed on mixing arms and the scarpers arms crush and overturn the material to complete the compelling mixing.

Maintenance door — Concrete Mixer

Maintaining door: According to the market demands, reliable high-sensitive security switches are used in the maintaining door to make the maintaining work safe and convenient.

Sprayer — Concrete Mixer

The special designed sprayer is installed on the water pipe. The spraying water cloud can cover more area and also make the mixing more.

Skip hopper — Concrete Mixer

The skip hopper can be chosen according to the requirements of customers. The feeding door automatically opens when feeding door automatically opens when feeding, and closes when the hopper begins to descend. The device effectively prevents the dust overflow the trough during the mixing to protect the environment.

Temperature and moisture — Concrete Mixer

Temperature and moisture sensor: To ensure concrete and prefabricated parts quality. The sensor of temperature or moisture made in BIKOTRONIC in Germany can be selected to measure temperature or moisture of material being mixer.

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