HGY23/4 Mobile type Hydraulic Placing Boom Technical parameter and reference

一、Summary of the Concrete Hydraulic Placing boom:

HGY23 concrete placing boom is a kind of equipment for concrete pouring in construction with concrete pump. It is suitable for any concrete building such as building, bridge, road, foundation and so on. Use concrete distribution function to give full play to the working efficiency of concrete pump, improve pouring quality and reduce labor intensity.

HGY23 concrete placing boom is composed of arm assembly, rotary device, upper and lower support, underframe, concrete pipeline, hydraulic system and electrical control system. The distribution arm is a four-section box structure. The extension and folding of the four-arm joints are realized by hydraulic system. The concrete can be transported to the required construction surface with the rotary mechanism. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safe relief valve to prevent overload of the working mechanism. The working cylinder is equipped with hydraulic lock to ensure construction safety. Electrical control system can realize control panel operation, wired operation. Interlocking function between operation modes also ensures construction safety.

二、 Demonstration of the type

This fabric model isHGY23/4

The meaning of each symbol is H——concrete

G——placing boom


23——Fabric radius 23 meters

4——Arm number 4

principal parameter

Concrete pipe specifications::          Φ125mm

Fabric radius:                          23m

Fabric arm pitch working range:         -4°~90°

Range of gyration:                      360°

Length of arm end hose:                 3m

Hydraulic system power:                 22KW hydraulic pressure system

working pressure:                      32Mpa

swiveling speed:                        0.32r/min

Quality of whole machine:              10400㎏(with counterweight)

Overall height:                        4014mm



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