our factory directs sale JBT/DJBT series concrete pump with mixer



Compete advantage:

一、Twin-shaft concrete mixer

The use of generous volume 450 double horizontal shaft mixer,greatly improve the construction efficiency.

二、Main oil pump

Jinan 7313 military brand constant power variable piston pump,constant power constrol effectively prevent motor,diesel engine overload,bear higher pressure and load than the conventional gear pump.

三、Power system

The diesel engine adopts domestic famous brand tianjin leiwo engine.

四、Electric control system

Main electric use schneider,LS brand,zhengtai

五、The cooling system

Adopt air cooling system or water cooling double cooling system,not only suitable for higher temperature climate,but also suitable for cold climate,effectively control the hydraulic system oil temperature ,ensure the safety and reliable of the equipment operation.

六、Centrolized lubrication system

The lubrication is lubricated “point to point”

七、S tube valve

S tube value is cast in high manganese steel as a whole,and the surface of easy wear is surfacing welded with anti-wear material .The inner cavity is smooth,the concrete flows smoothly,and the pumping perfoumance is further improved.

八、Glasses plate,cutting ring

The glasses plate and cutting ring are made of cemented carbide inlay and are durable.

九、Hydraulic pipe joint

The rubber house is suppied in complete sets by Italy

十、Wireless remote control

Adopt the wireless remote control imported from Taiwan,easy to operate.

十一、Small size,height only 2600mm,the export can be put into 40 feet high cabinet,reduce transportation costs.


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